One plant to save the planet.

CO2(-) nutrition with Bettersphere.

One plant to save the planet.

CO2(-) nutrition
by bettersphere

the goal

bettersphere. reduces atmospheric CO2 by plant-powered conversion into nutritious, sustainable food products & biomass.

the medium

Industrial hemp is scientifically proven to absorb and convert between 9 and 16 tons of CO2 per hectare from the air.

the family

We love what we do.
We love the planet.
We move forward.
We are optimists.

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Innovation &Enablement

We work with selected partners, who process the farmed hemp into fibre for CO2-negative end products, such as seeds, textiles and construction materials. 

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bettersphere operates from Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Here we have perfect climate and environment for a maximum co2-absorption. 

We are looking for everyone who is interested in making a positive difference for the planet. 

If you are studying environmental sciences, sustainable product management or similar subjects, you can become part of the team! We also aim at employing a high percentage of residents of Canary Islands. 

No, we aim at proving our co2-conversion by regularly testing the biomass created and keeping an eye on the complete value chain. Personal and job-related co2 of all personnel will be compensated as well as co2 that is emitted in the processing process. We aim at being as transparent as possible, and establish a culture of “ask, even the uneasy questions”.

Meeting the requirements to be a non-profit in Spain would cost us a lot of time and money, which we could invest elsewhere and into our projects. With the money earned, we will finance our development and also other climate projects, and we’ll report about this openly, as well as publishing our salaries.